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Usually when I masturbate I like to think of a guy that I_m attracted to and then I set up the sex scene in my head and go off into my own world and it helps me get to a super strong orgasm. During the shoot I felt comfortable enough to float off into my imaginary world and get off multiple times. I_m a big fan of a dominant guy so I like when I lose the control and a guy takes action in giving me deep penetration. Having sex 4-5 times a week I guess you can say I_m kind of a nympho lol. If you have already seen the photosvideos from my experience then you will see my cute outfits. I am a fashion aficionado so when Rob told me to bring cute outfits I made sure to pick out my favorite ones. I think I have a great body and nice breastsbutt, don_t you? For one part of the shoot we did outdoor activities. I love to run (1.5 miles a day) so I brought my running gear and got my jog on. I did some breast flashing and was kinda nervous but still had fun at the same time. At one point some bystanders got a good look at me ass naked but I don_t think they minded. By the end of the day I was ready for a nice nap. After all that masturbation I was seriously tired. Although I love sex and masturbation I felt like I had outdid myself during the shoot having so many orgasms can really wear a girl out lol. Time to go home and go to bed now but hopefully I can come back and shoot again sometime and I hope all of the members enjoy this personal experience as I did :-)
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